The Art of Travel

Ready to get out and explore? TraveLegends is ready to help you.

Regardless of your travel experience, it is always beneficial to have someone to help you plan your trip. With over 25 years of experience in the travel industry, that’s exactly what TraveLegends aims to do. Their dedicated and passionate staff has been helping their clients plan incredible, once-in-a-lifetime journeys since they began in 2010.

About TraveLegends

As the name implies, TraveLegends is dedicated to the idea that our travels become “part of who we are, much as legends become important parts of our past that are handed down and cherished,” Nir explained. “We plan, create, and execute voyages that hopefully capture the essence of our world, be it next door or on the other side of the planet.”

With their connections around the world, TraveLegends makes it possible for clients to have authentic and personalized experiences on their trips. They have years of experience in the travel industry, preferential or VIP access to hotels and resorts all over the world, and great connections in the industry, including Virtuoso, Four Seasons Preferred, and the Peninsula Club.

They set clients up with complimentary amenities, upgrades, and access to rooms and experiences that would otherwise be unavailable. In every aspect of the trip, client comfort and happiness is the priority.

Services and Benefits

TraveLegends plans and executes travel plans for clients, from weekend getaways to intricate adventures to exotic places. As their website expresses, TraveLegends creates a “customized experienced based on your individual tastes,” including your interests, hobbies, favored activities, and preferred cuisines. Whatever you are hoping to get out of your trip, TraveLegends makes it possible for you to enjoy your trip (and save some money) with their connections, partners, and resources.

Another of TraveLegend’s specialties is helping clients plan trips based on local adventures, or on special interests like food and art. TraveLegends can make it possible for you to learn a skill exclusive to the region you’re visiting, or set you up a trip with behind the scenes passes to events, exhibitions, and private or exclusive performances.

“Clients often ask us if they can meet locals or do some special activities particular to the region or cities they are visiting,” Nir told us. “We sent a couple to a cooking school in Kyoto to learn how to make sushi, have a private Geisha performance, and see sumo wrestling up close in Osaka.”

Best of all, every place they recommend has been visited by the staff. Nir explained, “We have traveled the world to over 60 countries and stayed at the very best properties, dined at the finest restaurants, and have the best locally curated experiences.” This firsthand experience helps them provide an incredible level of experience with attention to detail, and create a trip that is personalized and specific to the client.

Planning Your Next Adventure

Wherever you are hoping to go for your next trip, TraveLegends can help you create a trip that is unique, personalized, and, most of all, an adventure you will never forget. “We are trying to achieve something special in our own way,” Nir said. “One trip at a time.”


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